Sheena grew up in Toledo, OH watching the women in her family do their hair in kitchens, beauty salons, basements, and sometimes the church bathroom. She watched in awe as family members of all beautiful brown shades shape-shifted with every hairstyle - weaves, finger waves, texturizers, blowouts, press and curls, box braids, vibrant hair colors, and more.

With a gang of sisters, countless aunties, and cousins, there were plenty of styles to go ‘round. Sheena saw this work up close when her eldest sister, Lanna, became a beautician at a local salon. Every time her school offered “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” Sheena begged her sister to spend the day at the salon. She loved beauty shop life, watching her sister crank out style after style, listening to salon gossip, and observing the business and fun of Black beauty.

Never in a million years could Sheena have imagined that she would take all of her experience working in communications, higher education, program management, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), a few stints at entrepreneurship, and turn it into a platform that would have a big impact in the world of beauty she grew up loving.

Sheena created Della’s to bring a much-needed sense of belonging for BIPOC beauty lovers in Ann Arbor, MI, where she, her husband, and her son moved from Brooklyn, NY, for her husband’s Ph.D. program.

Now, Sheena is laser-focused on curating a unique experience, starting with Della’s first location in Ann Arbor, where there is more inclusivity and representation in entrepreneurship and the beauty space.

Through Della’s, Sheena hopes that Black Women and allies will find representation, cool things, and good vibes.