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Dosso Beauty - 3 Bundle Pack Pre-stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

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Are you tired of washing your braiding hair before you have it installed?

Save even more prep time on your braiding install by using the Dosso Beauty 3-Bundle Pack of Pre-Stretched, Hypoallergenic/Itch-Free Braiding Hair! This 3 Bundle Pack of 28 inch Braiding Hair (255g) is easy to use. It includes the below key features:

• Pre-stretched (Prevents wasting excess hair) 
• Anti-Bacterial (Healthy & Natural Hair without the risk of bacteria)
• Itch-Free (No need to pre-wash braiding hair before installing)
• Fast Drying
• Soft Texture
• Lightweight
• Pre-Layered for a natural feathered style
• Flame Retardant
• Hot Water Set