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Guava Mango Body Butter

Guava Mango Body Butter

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This Pooka Pure & Simple body butter is the best I've ever used! Extremely moisturizing with scents that linger on your body well past application.

Size 4oz

All the tropical fun of guava and mango. Que Rico! You won't be needing any passport stamps to enjoy this body butter. 

Have you been dreaming of going to Barbados? Sitting on a beach under a palm tree and reading three pages of a book that you're never going to finish? Then having lunch with Rihanna on her yacht prepared by her chef? Of course, you have!

This Guava Mango body butter will transport you into your tropical dreamland.

Why Guava? Guava is a sweet little superfruit originating from Central America. If you’ve never smelled Guava before it’s a sweet tropical blast, with notes of pineapple and mango.

Think juicy, tropical, exotic, and light. This mouthwatering scent will have you carrying summer with you year-round.