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TERRA-TORY Skincare: Plantain + Coffee Scrub Soap Cube

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This exfoliating soap combines ripe sweet plantains and organic roasted coffee grounds to craft the ultimate exfoliating soap that offers a moisturizing lather. Leaving you with clean and amazingly smooth feeling skin. 

*Plantains, rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin C to heal and moisturize the skin, improving texture and tone; effective when used to smooth out psoriasis bumps/patches. 
*Great for exfoliating before shaving any part of the body (including the beard).
*Sugars in plantains act as a natural lather booster that won't strip the skin dry. *Coffee grounds gently exfoliate dead skin cells helping skin appear brighter and even.
*Wild harvested myrrh, therapeutic properties, relax the body and mind.